Las segundas oportunidades sí que son buenas!

Como bien dice Bea ya está aquí la vuelta al cole. Empezamos con las primeras compras de colección para lucir morenito, fichar lo que vamos a ponernos este invierno y hacer revisión de armario. Eso supone quitar aquello que llevamos dos temporadas sin ponernos. Pero, siempre le podemos dar una segunda oportunidad, a la chaqueta vaquera del instituto o a nuestra primera camisa militar. Aquí van unas cuantas ideas para llenar nuestro armario de tendencias únicas.

PS I made this es uno de los blogs de DIY que más me gustan. Ya hemos hablado en alguna ocasión de sus originales ideas, así que podéis echar un vistazo si tenéis:


It’s only rock n’ roll but, P.S.- I like it! We’ve said it before and we’ll sing it again, nothing goes together like music & fashion. The glam rock movement emerged in the 60s with artists like Gary Glitter and David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust defining an era, and inciting designers and fashionistas to make bold statements with exaggerated make up, androgynously edgy styles and gems, stones and jewels stacked for miles. Nobody blings it on better than the indisputable rock god of couture Karl Lagerfeld…who infuses head to toe concert chic in his creations for Chanel, Fendi and his own eponymous lines. We took to the stage, with Who What Wear, to  turn a simple shoulder bag into an embellished instrument of DIY style!To create:  Re-purpose a bag with a removable strap.  Use caribiners to secure a guitar strap onto the bag by clipping where the original strap was secured.  Gather various pearls, gemstones, studs, crystals and rhinestones and lay out  to cover the front of the guitar strap.  Once you are happy with placement begin to stud and glue each in place. P.S.- use tweezers to help you place each embellishment as you glue.  Allow to try before you wear!  


Now this is what we call trend-“spotting”.  Nothing says sparkle like SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS , and who says you need to be decked to the nines to have a good time?  Our ingredient of choice for adding dazzle to even the most casual of looks is SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Crystal Neon Pearls… we enlisted these vibrant  accouterments to connect the dots to take a vintage military shirt to the next level.  Salute your own DIY style by adding a brilliant spark of color to your day!</p>
<p>To CREATE YOUR STYLE with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, select any shirt or jacket with a pocket flap to use as your base.  Dream up a design and use chalk or a pencil to mark up your pocket flap.  Using color coordinated thread, begin to stitch on each neon pearl bead following the line of your pattern.  SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystal neon pearls are available in our favorite neon hues of pink, orange, and yellow.  P.S.- We want to see how neon inspires you!  Follow @swarovski and @psimadethis and tweet us your neon inspiration tagged with #neonpearls to be eligible to win a SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Crystal Neon Pearl DIY Kit!


It’s getting to be that time when we start to think Fall— and as the seasons evolve, so does our style.  Autumn is all about denim, and with a bevy of options, creating your own unique look to stand out from the crowd is key.  We teamed up with the iconic denim masters at Guess to add a colorful twist to an iconic staple…proof that infusing deconstructed denim with a hot pop of color is the perfect way to make an unexpected combo of two cool trends. Be a damsel in distress and wear some tear - make your pair! </p>
<p>To create:  Grab some jeans, we chose the Guess Starlet Straight.  Sand several sections to break down the fibers.  Use an X-acto knife to scrape each section to further distress and expose the white threads.  Be careful not to slice through the denim and create a hole.  Use a bright color fabric marker to stain the distressed patches.  </p>
<p>P.S.- We want to see YOUR denim creations, so upload your Denim DIYs to<br />
Pinterest and tag #PSGuessWhatIMade so we can re-pin your designs on our “Guess what I made with GUESS” Pinboard.

¿Qué os parece? ¿Os animáis con el DIY?


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